Message from MD

Mr. Phupu Chowang Sherpa was born and raised in the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 m/28,170 ft),   the third highest peak on earth. Neither his previous generation nor any one from his village has ever done trekking or mountaineering before.

Very seldom some westerners used to trek in the Kanchenjunga region back in the 70s and seeing the trekkers equipped with fascinating camera strapped round their neck, and their fancy looking backpack has changed once a shabby little lad into a leading tourism entrepreneur in Nepal.

His encyclopedic knowledge of Nepal is a great asset. He started as a porter then progressed to be a respected cook, then to an accomplished climbing Sherpa/Guide and is now Adventure Travel Company’s director.

His more than 3 decades of contribution to the Nepal Tourism industry, has fetched his company the title of one among the top 5 most sought after Mountaineering expedition organizing company based in Nepal.

In the year 2010, Arun treks & Expedition has set a new record by organizing 30% of the total Everest expedition from both the side.

He has travelled extensively throughout the world and frequently in North America and Europe, and he was the first Sherpa to climb Denali, as well as working in Europe as a climbing guide

“He knows Nepal and he knows the west.”

   First Nepali to conquer Mt. McKinley in 14 June 1988

   Founder president of KBSS (Kanchenjunga Buddhist Social Service)

   Convener of Kanchenjunga Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2016

   Active climber in the ALPS mountain

   TAAN executive member

   First person to arrange Khumbu icefall when commercial expedition began, the ladders were brought from UK (managed for six years)


At this cosmic moment, there are more than 25 Everest summiteers from the far Eastern part of Nepal and they are all the product of Arun Treks and Expedition, for instance:

Mr. Namgya Sherpa became the first person to Scale Mt. Everest from the Eastern part of Nepal and only Nepali to guide in Antarctica every alternative year. (12 times Everest Summiteer and the senior most guide of Arun Treks)

Mr. Indra Rai became the first Rai caste to scale Mt. Everest. ( He now runs a White river rafting company in Nepal)

Mr. Sonam Bhote has set a new world record by launching his book (Bards’ Sketches) on the summit of Mt. Everest. ( He is the lead sherpa guide of Arun Treks)

And in the recent year the new Guinness world record has been set by a Sherpa lady from Chowang’s village. Miss Churrim Dolma Sherpa, who became the first woman to scale Mt. Everest twice in 10 days and Arun treks has fully sponsored her Everest Expedition.

Mr. Chowang has employed over 50 Sherpas from the North Eastern part of Nepal and extensively helped promote Tourism in this region, which is still untouched by modern world.

Mr. Chowang is a member of TAAN (Trekking agents association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal mountaineering association) and PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association).

He is one among the very few Nepalese entrepreneurs to be a member of CMA (China Mountaineering Association).

“Trekking or climbing from peak to peaks perhaps your next adventure goal in your wish list, however, it’s the only passion Mr. Chowang treasures the most.”




Managing Director,
Arun Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd.
Kathmandu, Nepal