Arun Profile

In 1992, a bunch of extremely experienced journey professionals with years of expertise in trekking and mountain climbing teamed up to ascertain Arun Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. 

We offer extraordinary opportunities for creating your vacation  exciting journey in Kingdom of Nepal, Tibet, India, Asian nation and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. we offer skilled arrangements for journey travel within the Himalaya. This includes Trekking, mountain climbing Expeditions, Nature, Culture and social science tours, life excursion and Whitewater rafting.

Our trip can search for authentic experiences, traditions and unscratched environments. you'll tread within the footsteps of the legendary trans-Himalayan caravan traders, pilgrims and explorers. Respect forever and therefore the prosperity of others permeate the areas that we have a tendency to visit. 

Though a number of your locations on our visits is also remote and rustic, your hosts can forever be heat and hospitable.

A trip with us is unforgettable with its varied repertoire of trekking choices to settle on anyplace from a sedate three days trek to Associate in Nursing arduous high altitude 3 weeks trek. All treks and expeditions area unit totally Asian radio-controlled.

A member of NMA (Nepal mountain climbing Association), TAAN (Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal) and CMA (China mountain climbing Association), the corporate is committed to preserving the atmosphere with apply of following a strict code of conduct in conserving the pristine atmosphere of mountain range.