Responsible Tourism

Operating lodge and camps in protected ecosystems in Nepal at the side of native communities and life comes with a good deal of responsibility.

Arun trek is committed to accountable travel commercial enterprise & true property.  We have a tendency to respect native cultures, pay attention to shield the atmosphere of the places we have a tendency to visit and take each chance to create a positive contribution where we have a tendency to travel.

We provide environmentally friendly holidays and care regarding the planet that we have a tendency to explore and you visit. We attempt to make positive experiences for guest and our partners. Travel with us and that we can along create a distinction.

Reponsible commercial enterprise creates higher place for individuals to measure and higher place to go to visit. "A decent place to measure could be a good place to visit."

Please be an accountable holiday maker like somebody afore said, "Take solely recollections, leave solely footprints."

Before you initiate your journey we have a tendency to request you to adjust the below pointers so as to preserve the character and culture of the world and be an accountable holidaymaker. 

1. Respect native culture and traditions, use home stays, domestically owned hotels/ lodges or campsites the maximum amount as potential to support the native keep.

2. Avoid/ minimize victimization fuel. use differest environment-friendly various for heating to attenuate deforestation. 

3. Use selected routes, campsites and resting places to scale backsound and differest negative environmental impacts.

4.  Maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Use the litter box domestically offered. Infer  your own garbage whereas  traveling through ecologically sensitive areas.

5.  Use the services of native guides and porters the maximum amount as potential to explore additional regarding native atmosphere and culture

6.  Cash spent here can contribute on to the native keep, women's management and environmental conservation.

7.   Wild animals should not must not be touched, fed or disturbed and do not encourage native individuals to parade animals.

8.   Refuse to shop for any souvenirs, food or product made of native wildlife made from endangered species.

9.   Attempt to not harm any plants you see on the path.

10. Do not collect firewood; all of our treks & mountain climbing use kerosene/Gas for change of state.

11.  Please use Bathroom facilities on the way if they exist.

12. Our policy is to hold out all non perishable rubbish, if any is left behind within the morning, please waken the guides attention.

13. Bring on environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos and use as very little as potential to stay fresh water provides free from pollution.

14. Continually respect the native laws, customs and cultural beliefs.

15.  Get pleasure from the areas you visit however, if possible, try and leave during a higher state than you found them in.

16.  Be economical in victimization water for showering and laundry as typically they're briefly provide.

18.  Create positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage clutch  diversity.