What to Bring
Packing list
When packing for any trip overseas we propose that you just write yourself an inventory of what you would like to bring and recheck this list, nothing is worse than inbound during a foreign country to appreciate that you just have forgotten your favorite try of jeans or your most snug shoes! Here could be a advised list of things that you just ought to bring on and a few hints to assist you along with your packing.
Clothes: once packing garments borderline is best, 1st check the climate to assist you pack consequently. you must pack dark coloured garments or flowered garments as they do not show up the dirt. additionally you must opt for outfits that may be mixed and matched therefore you've got a range of outfits. it is a sensible plan to use house saver baggage, they not solely save house however facilitate to stay your wear dry, clean and crease free.
Bits and Bobs: some things that you just would possibly realize handy on your trip -
• Swiss army knife
• Laundry soap
• little nada lock baggage for keeping soap and also the like
• Note pad/dairy
• Pens
• Binoculars
• little torch
• Spare passport photos
• Spare shoe laces
• a decent bottle
• Water purification tablets
• A bag liner (in case your bedding is undesirable)
• written communication
Important stuff: once movement in fact you would like your passport and relevant visa. you must additionally build copies of those, one to bring with you and one to go away with family or friends. Keep these become independent from your passport. alternative stuff you ought to have copies of square measure policy, credential, a record of bank details and traveler's cheque details.
You should even have contact numbers for your bank and underwriter and your travel agent/ flight booking workplace.
Toiletries: soap, razors, shampoo, nail scissors, hair merchandise, tooth brush and tooth paste, tissues, sun cream, chap stick, antiseptic hand wipes, face washer and what ever else you employ in your daily routine, once packing this stuff check that they're all sealed properly as there's nothing worse than inbound during a place and finding your favorite jumper soiled in toothpaste! additionally keep in mind once flying does not pack sharp or pointy objects in your luggage. And girls ought to note that female merchandise may be troublesome to shop for in remote areas, therefore be ready.
A good aid kit: it ought to embody bandages, non abrasive tape, band aids, joint supports, antiseptic cream, rehydration salts, Imodium, travel sickness pills, panadol, scissors, and a record of your allergies and current vaccinations.
Back pack: for travel in Nepal a back pack is more convenient than a suit case. If you plan on trekking, a sturdy and comfortable back pack and day pack is essential. You should have your back pack expertly fitted to you before your departure. Your back pack should also have a water proof cover.
Footwear: of course comfortable and well broken in trekking shoes are essential for Nepal, lightweight sandals and a try of snug trainers square measure usually enough.
Camera: what higher thanks to record your reminiscences than a camera? Please insure you bring on the relevant batteries/charger with associate degree device appropriate for the country. additionally you must bring on adequate memory cards/ film. these items aren't accessible in trekking areas.
note:(Please build note that Toiletries and aid things may be pronto furnish Kathmandu.)